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What is the unarmoured cable?

The unarmoured cable, as its name suggests, many people may think that it is cable less than a metal layer than armoured cable. As a matter of fact, the only thing that makes unarmored cable different from armored cable is that the later has an additional outer protective layer for optical cable. The non armoured cable is easy to install and use, so there are a lot of people choosing it to transmit and distribute power in the field of industrial production and our life.Email: sales@huadongarmouredcable.com

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As other excellent power cable, the unarmoured cable has good tensile strength and conductivity ability. What’s more, for it dissipates heat fast, the cable without “armour” has good temperature resistance. To meet the needs of cable market, Huadong Cable Group provides a wide rang of non armoured cable including xlpe unarmoured cable and other series products. We promise to offer high quality unarmoured wire with the best price for every customer.

How to store your non armoured cable?

To make sure that your unarmoured wire can be operate normally, we suggest you pay attention to some stored related matters. As a professional cable supplier with rich experience, Huadong Cable Group lists some points for attention, and we wish they can help you.

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After buying unarmoured wire, you should try your best to prevent cables from being stored in the open air in a long-exposed manner especially in the summer with high temperatures and heavy rainfall. Because it will damage your cable. So you can store the unarmoured cable in warehouse. But please note that cable tray is not allowed to lay flat.

What’s more, the cables are strictly prohibited from contacting with acids , bases and mineral oils. In order to protect your non armoured cable, you should keep them in isolation from these corrosive substances. Besides, it is necessary to make sure that there shall be no harmful gas in the warehouse of the storage unarmoured wire. Because it may  damages insulation and corrosion metal.

In addition, during storage, you need to roll the unarmoured cable periodically ( 3 months in summer and other seasons may be postponed as appropriate ). when you scroll the cable, the lower storage tray shall be rolled upwards so as to prevent the bottom surface from rotting. Always pay attention to whether the cable head is intact or not in storage period.

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As an unarmoured cable manufacturers with over 30 years of producing experience, We have our strictly storage standard. Choose huadong, you can rest assured. If you have any question about cable storage, feel free to leave your message, we will contact you within the 12 hours.

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