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pvc swa cable manufacturer
xlpe pvc swa cable manufacturer

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We can customize power armoured cable according to your requirements. Please kindly send us your inquiry cable list and order quantity, our sales team will reply in 12 hours. Email:

Popular 11kv and 33kv xlpe pvc swa cable for sale

In many power project fields,  xlpe insulated power cable is very popular . Among of them, 11kv xlpe cable, 33kv xlpe cable and other xlpe pvc swa cable are famous all over the world. What are xlpe pvc swa cables? What is the characteristic of these kinds of xlpe pvc swa cables? Now, Huadong Cable Group, a professional swa cable manufacturer with 30 years experience, will introduce some information of the xlpe insulated power cable.Email:

professional xlpe swa cable and pvc swa cable supplier
professional xlpe swa cable supplier

When you look for 11kv xlpe cable in the market, you can find that these xlpe insulated armoured power cable size and specification are very different. One the one hand, their core number and cross-sectional area are not the same. Just like 11kv 3 core xlpe pvc swa pvc cable is very common. One the other hand, the conductor of the xlpe power cables are also different. In order to meet the requirements, we can provide both xlpe copper cable and xlpe aluminium armoured cable. Which one do you need? If you also are looking for 11kv xlpe pvc swa pvc cable, please leave your message. We will send the 11kv and 3kv xlpe pvc swa pvc cable price list to you as soon as possible.

Choose the best pvc swa pvc cable for your project

As a matter of fact, the pvc and xlpe are insulation materials of our cable. The insulation layer can prevent the insulated wire’s current from coming into contact with other conductors. For example, the pvc insulation in these xlpe pvc swa cable protective layer in pvc swa which we just mentioned, can be against environmental threats and resists electrical leakage. In addition to the insulation, the steel armour layer also protect the cable from damage. So we can use xlpe swa pvc armoured cable as the underground cable. Similarly, the popular 33kv xlpe pvc swa cable also can be buried under the ground. If you need, just leave your message. We will send the price 33kv xlpe pvc swa cable price list to you as soon as possible. Email:

pvc swa cable manufacturers
pvc swa cable manufacturer

Huadong Cable Group produces large quantity xlpe pvc swa cable in all specification. Every year, the demand for 11kv 3 core xlpe cable and 33kv xlpe swa pvc cable are very large . If you are interested in these cable, please leave your message. And we will send 11kv xlpe pvc swa pvc cable price list and 33kv xlpe cable price list to you. And if you want pvc swa pvc cable, please feel free to contact us. Our 16mm armoured cable are very famous. If you choose Huadong, we promise that you can be satisfied with our 16mm pvc armoured cable price and quality.Email:

What is the difference between xlpe aluminium cable & pvc aluminium cable?

XLPE & PVC insulated wires are widely used in various industries. Both of the xlpe swa aluminium cable and pvc swa aluminium cable have the advantages of chemical resistance and heat resistance. But which one should you choose for your projects? Then you need to know the difference between xlpe swa aluminium cable & pvc aluminium cable. Next, we will look at the differences between the two cables in the following aspects.Email:


Maximum working temperature of conductor. The longterm allowable operating temperature of pvc aluminium cable shall not be higher than 70 ℃. However, the xlpe aluminium cable is 90 ℃. So you can get that 33kv xlpe cable can withstand higher temperatures than pvc cable.

Maximum short circuit(lasting less than 5 seconds) temperature: PVC insulated Cable is 160 ℃, and XLPE insulated Cable is 250 ℃. That is to say the xlpe aluminium cable is more safe than other pvc insulated armoured cable.Email:

pvc aluminium cable for sale

Service life: the xlpe pvc swa insulated cable has higher electric strength, better aging resistance and corrosion resistance ability than pvc insulated cable. There is no doubt that the xlpe aluminium cable has longer service than  pvc aluminium cable.

Choose the suitable xlpe swa cable

As we can see, there are different kinds of pvc insulated cable and xlpe insulated cable. When you choose cable and wire for your projects, the cable operations environment and these xlpe pvc swa pvc cable price are very important factors you need to consider. So if you want to buy a power cable for high temperature and serious corrosion area, xlpe pvc swa pvc cable is better. Such as popular 33kv xlpe cable and 11kv 3 core xlpe swa pvc cable. You may contact us and get 33kv xlpe cable price list. But if the wire operation environment is good, you can choose the cheaper pvc swa cable.  Email:

In our factory, the 185mm xlpe cable and 240mm xlpe cable are very popular. If you want to get our 3 core 185mm xlpe cable price, please leave your message. Then our sales manager will provide the quotation and details for you as soon as possible.

Where to get the best pvc swa and xlpe swa cable price?

Because the demand for xlpe pvc swa pvc cable is very great, there are a lot of suppliers around the world. However, if you want to get the best pvc swa pvc cable, you need to spend sometimes in choosing reliable pvc swa cable manufacturers. Being one of biggest 33kv xlpe swa pvc cable suppliers in China, Huadong promise to provide the best 240mm xlpe cable price for you. You can rest assured to place your order. Email:

In addition, it is also necessary to compare these xlpe swa cable price. For example, you know that the 11kv 3 core xlpe cable price are not the same in different areas. And you can get more reasonable 33kv xlpe swa cable price in China. Our 33kv xlpe cable price and 11kv xlpe pvc swa pvc cable price have great competitive all over the world. And if your order is large, we can provide discount xlpe pvc swa pvc cable for you. Email:


Customer Case: Huadong is indeed a very reliable xlpe pvc swa pvc cable company. We have established close cooperation with many companies from different countries. Such as: America, South Africa, Australia, England, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and so on. If you are looking for xlpe or pvc cable, welcome to Huadong Cable Group, and you can get the high quality products with best xlpe pvc swa pvc cableprice.Email:



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