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3 core 185mm xlpe cable for sale
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We can customize all kinds of armoured power cable according to your requirements. Please send us your inquiry cable list and order quantity, our sales team will reply in 12 hours. Email:

Excellent single core 185mm xlpe cable at reasonable price for sale

185mm xlpe cable is a very common power cable. This 185mm cable is needed in many project. In order to meet the requirements from different clients, we can provide the 185sq mm xlpe cables that have different cores number. As a matter of fact, our single core 185sqmm cable, 3 core 185sqmm 33kv cable and 4 core 185mm xlpe cable are very popular all over the world.Email:

professional single core 185mm xlpe cable supplier
professional single core 185mm xlpe cable supplier

Therefore, if you are also looking for the famous 3 core 185mm cable manufacturers, welcome to Huadong Cable Group. We believe that you will be satisfied with our 185mm xlpe cable price and quality. In addition, we can customize armoured cable sizes according to your requirement. So,  just leave the cable specification, we will send the best 185mm armoured cable quotation to you as soon as possible. Email:

How to produce high quality 3 core 185mm cable?

Being a leading of 3 core 185mm xlpe cable supplier in China, Huadong always produce the cable according to international standard. Generally speaking,  we use aluminium or copper as the conductor of 185mm 3core 33kv cable. Similarly, if you want to buy 185mm single core cable or 185mm 4 core power cable, just contact us. We can manufacture the 185mm xlpe cable as your requirement. Email:

get the best 185mm 3core 33kv cable price
185mm 3core 33kv cable at the best price for sale

As for the insulation , we use the cross-linked polyethylene compound XLPE. Huadong is a professional xlpe and pvc armoured cable manufacturer with 30 years. We try our best to provide high quality 4 core 185mm cable for every customer. Are you interested in our 4 core 185sqmm xlpe cable? Then feel free to leave your message. So that we can send the best 185mm xlpe cable price to you as soon as possible.Email:

Where to find reliable 4 core 185mm xlpe cable supplier?

When it comes to looking for reliable 4 core 185sqmm xlpe cable supplier, some people think it is very easy. On the one hand, you can get some local 185mm 4 core armoured cable manufacturers. Generally speaking, it is much more convenient to visit the 185mm xlpe cable factory and confirm the strength of the supplier. But you may find this 185mm 4 core swa cable price may be not cheap. Then you need to compare the 185sq mm xlpe cable prices. Email:

choose 4 core 185mm xlpe cable manufacturers
buy hot- sale 4 core 185mm xlpe cable

One the other hand, you can search the 1 core 185sqmm cable suppliers online. And then you will find that there are lots of 185mm xlpe cable manufacturers from all over the world. However, the 3 core 185mm xlpe cable prices are not the same, which means you can have more choice. From the 185mm 4 core swa cable price list, you can know that Huadong has great competitive. These manufacturer can also supply best 300mm single cable price per meter. Because we sell the 3 core 185mm xlpe cable directly, that means there is no any third party to make a difference. In addition, when your order is large,we can get discount  3 core 185mm xlpe cable price. So, if you want to get the best 185mm 4 core swa cable price, just contact us.Email: sales@huadongarmouredcable.comwholesale low price 4 core xlpe cable

Buy hot-sale 185sq mm xlpe cable for your project

Our 185mm armoured cable use the high quality aluminum/annealed copper conductor material. What’s more,  we promise that all of the profess can meet the international standard. When it is convenient for you, just visit our 3 core 185mm xlpe cable factory. Then you will rest assured to place your order. Email:

3 core 4 core 185mm cable supplier factory

Package & Delivery: 185mm xlpe cable package by iron or wooden drum or according to client’s requirement. Just leave the cable specification you need. Email:

buy 185mm xlpe cable with reasonable price
buy 185mm xlpe cable with reasonable price

Customer Case:Huadong Cable Group has established close cooperation with many companies from different countries. Such as: America, South Africa, Australia, England, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and so on. Thus if you are looking for 3 core 185mm xlpe cable, just contact us. Email:

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