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Generally speaking, the acwu cable is what we say about aluminum alloy interlocking armoring cable. In addition to ACWU cable, we have other these cable for sale, like mc cable,  teck 90 cable and so on. When you look for 1/0 acwu 90 cable, you can find that some people also abbreviate it as aia cable. In fact, most of the power cable has a armor layer. Just like these power cables, there is also a metal layer in the acwu90 cable structure.

600v 1/0 3 core 4 core acwu cable price list

However, its aluminum alloy interlocked armor is lighter and has excellent corrosion resistance. Because of this PVC outer sheath, you can lay it directly as underground cable. Thus many customers choose the wire for civil, commercial, industrial, large venues, entertainment fields. What’s more, 2/0 3 conductor acwu wire is also suitable for mines, subway and some dangerous areas and places. So, if your projects need the superior 3c 350 mcm acwu cable, please feel free to contact us. Besides, we believe that our 3c 250mcm acwu cable price and quality will not let you down.

cheap 600v 4/0 acwu cable supplier Voltage: 600V

Conductors: Copper or Aluminum

Armour: Aluminum Interlocked Armour (AIA)

Insulation: Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE)

Jacket: Low acid gas, flame-retardant, moisture and sunlight resistant Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Temperature Rating: -40°C to 90°C

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Being one of the leading acwu 90 600V 1C x 1000mcm acwu cable suppliers, Huadong Cable Group can offer different acwu wire sizes. However, among of them, the 3 conductor acwu90 cable is the most popular. Besides, we provide the best 3c #6 csa acwu90 price for every customer from home and abroad. Are you interested in high quality and cheap 2/0 acwu90 cable? Just leave your message and we will repay in 12 hours.

The features of 250mcm acwu90 conductor

Generally speaking, the conductor materials of 3 conductor 250mcm acwu90 cable can be aluminum, aluminum alloy and copper. As a matter of fact, most of the 350mcm acwu90 cable conductors is aluminum alloy. So the weight of acwu90 cable is lighter than these aluminum armoured cable. In addition, aluminum alloy has good bending properties. It is clear that the unique alloy formula and processing technology greatly improve #4 awg acwu90 flexibility. If need the cable with superior creep resistance and flexibility performance, #2 awg acwu wire is a good choose. Email: sales@huadongarmouredcable.com

4 conductor 3 conductor 250mcm 350mcm csa acwu cable price canada

What’s more, the aluminum alloy has tensile strength and elongation. This advantage is particularly prominent in large span buildings such as sports venues. Huadong Cable Group is a professional 3 conductor #6 awg acwu wire manufacturer, we bring our customers a comprehensive range of acwu90 wire. We can also customize 4 conductor acwu wire according to your requirements. So just tell us the 600v acwu 90 wire sizes. We promise that our #2 awg acwu90 cable price is very reasonable. Just like other armoured cable prices are very competitive in the world. Free free to contact us and get the 4/0 acwu wire quotation.

The performance of #2 acwu cable armor layer

When you choose the #2 awg acwu 90 wire for your projects, you need to know the the wire’s property. So that you can judge whether the cable is right or not. Do you know the superior properties of 600v acwu cable? Huadong is engaged in the manufacture, export and supply of a superior range of 2/0 3 conductor acwu cable. Now we will share some features of 250mcm acwu wire with you.

3c #6 #4 #2 #1 csa acwu cable price list

We choose aluminum alloy interlocking armoring as acwu cable armor layer. Because it helps the cable to withstand the external damage. That is to say, even if the aia cable suffer greater pressure and impact, the cable is not easily breakdown. In addition, compared with the swa armor layer, the aluminum alloy interlocking armor is light in weight and convenient in laying. So the cost of 1C x 1000mcm acwu90 cable will be lower. If you are going to buy light power cable with armor layer, acwu 2awg aluminum wire is a good choice. Do you want to get more information about 3 conductor acwu cable price? Just leave your message. And we will send the specific aia cable price list to you.

Where to find professional 4/0 acwu cable suppliers?

When you are going to buy #2 awg acwu cable for your projects, you need to look for the reliable suppliers. Even if there are a lot of 2/0 3 conductor acwu 90 cable manufacturers in the world, it is not easy to choose reputable providers. Huadong is one of famous 3C 350 mcm acwu wire manufacturers from China. What’s more, we also supply teck cable for our customers. Every production process has been strictly checked by our professional technical engineers.

3 conductor 2awg #4 #6-awg aluminum acwu cable supplier

However, you can start custom your ideal acwu wire size, the factory price will send you in 12 hours. Because we sell our high quality 3 conductor acwu90 cable at reasonable price. So the aia cable supplied by Huadong is very popular in the world. What’s more, we have exported our 1 conductor acwu90 cable to Canada, America, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Germany, Spain and other contries.Email: sales@huadongarmouredcable.com

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