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professional 6mm swa cable supplier
professional swa cable supplier

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We can customize different kinds of SWA cable according to your requirements. Please leave your inquiry cable list and order quantity, our sales team will reply in 12 hours. Email: sales@huadongarmouredcable.com

High quality & cheap SWA cable from Huadong

Steel wire armoured cable is a common power cable for electricity transmission and distribution. The swa cable has a very close relationship with people’s lives and industrial production. In order to meet different projects needs, Huadong Cable Group provide many kinds of swa armoured cable. They have  different specification and cross-sectional area. Just leave the cable specification and quantity you need. Email: sales@huadongarmouredcable.com

4mm swa cable manufacturers
4mm swa cable manufacturers

There are many popular steel armored cable, such as 4mm swa cable, 6mm swa cable,16mm swa cable, 25mm swa cable, 10mm swa cable, 35mm swa cable, 70mm swa cable, 50mm swa cable and so on. We believe that you can find the most suitable swa cable for your projects. Feel free contact us and get the price information.

What is the advantage of 4mm swa cable?

Even 4mm swa cable, 6mm swa cable, 10mm swa cable and 16mm swa cable has different cross-sectional areas, they have some common advantages. Generally speaking, all of them has good mechanical strength. That means 4mm steel wire armoured cable can withstand strong tension and pressure. You can bury these underground cable directly. What’t more, you can also use 6mm steel wire armoured cable to support the elevator operation. And we can also lay 10mm steel wire armoured cable under the ground. Email: sales@huadongarmouredcable.com

the best 25mm swa cable supplier

As a leading power armoured cable manufacturer, Huadong Cable Group can provide you high quality products for you. When you are going to buy 6mm swa cable and 25mm swa cable, you can visit our website. Because of the 4mm swa cable price and 25mm swa cable prices are not the same, if you want to know more details, just contact us. We can give you the best 4mm swa cable price comparing with other suppliers. If you are interested in our 10mm swa cable and 25mm swa cable, you can leave your message, and we will send you their price lists.

How to get the high quality 6mm swa cable ?

In order to the good conductivity, these 4mm swa cable and 6mm swa cable has excellent corrosion resistance. You even can lay them in the areas that susceptible to mechanical damage and corrosion. So you can choose any kind of way to lay your 6mm armoured cable. Sometimes, laying buried more suitable for rock area. Huadong knows that the quality of wire and cable products directly affects the safety of your projects. So we promise to supply qualified 4mm swa cable. Email: sales@huadongarmouredcable.com10mm swa cable structure

Last but not the least, we have 95mm, 185mm, 240mm and other power cable that with larger cross-sectional areas.  If you want to get the best medium voltage cable price, just contact us. As for the low voltage cable, you also need to choose the suitable cables. So as not to form an electric transmission problem through armour. If your project need such superior power cable, welcome to Huadong Cable Group.

How to lay 6mm swa cable correctly?

Through the statistical analysis of 6mm swa cable operation fault, the problems caused by construction, installation and laying are often much more likely than those defects in wire and cable body. Therefore, it is very important to construct and lay 6mm swa armoured cable according to the specifications. Just like 16mm swa cable and 35mm swa cable, the laying and installation of 6mm swa cable should be carried out by qualified professional units or professionals. You know that construction and installation that do not meet the requirements of relevant specifications may cause 6mm swa systems to fail to operate normally.

70mm swa cable

Before laying 16mm armoured cable, you should check whether the cable appearance and head are intact. It is necessary to pay attention to the rotation direction of the 25 mm swa cable disc, so as not to flatten or scratch the outer sheath of your cable. If the insulation and sheath is injured and cracked, which may result in your 6mm swa cable to leak electricity.

Where to buy 10mm swa cable at reasonable price?

Huadong Cable Group is a reliable xlpe and pvc power cable manufacturer from China. Our products such as 10mm swa cable, 25mm swa cable and so on, is widely recognized by the customers around the world. Huadong Cable Group has rich experience of manufacturing the swa cable and masters advanced technology and equipment. If you want to buy high quality 6mm swa cable and 10mm steel wire armoured cable, welcome to Huadong. We assure delivering these stately at the end of our patrons on time. What’s more, we sell 6mm swa cable directly, we promise to give you the best 50mm aluminum cable price. Just tell us the core number of 10mm swa cable you want. Email: sales@huadongarmouredcable.com

how much is 6mm 3 core pvc swa pvc cable

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