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How to get the best 11kv xlpe cable price from reliable supplier?

Generally speaking, the 11 kv power cables are very common all over the world. We can apply these 11 kv cable to many field. Such as the construction, mining, petrochemical, transportation and other area. So you can see that the demand for 11 kv xlpe cables is very great. If you are also want to buy 11kv xlpe copper cable, you need to consider some necessary factors. So that you can get the best 11kv xlpe cable price list from professional suppliers. Here will share some tips on finding 11kv medium voltage power cables manufacturers. In addition, it can also help you to buy cheap 11kv cables.Email:

manufacturers of xlpe 11kv cables
manufacturer of xlpe 11kv cables

Determine the 11kv xlpe power cable size you need

As we all know, the size of 11kv xlpe cables are not the same. For example, you can find 70mm 11kv cable, 150sq mm xlpe cable, 11kv 185sqmm cable, 11kv 240 sq mm cable and so on. Therefore, you need to determine the 11kv cable size you want. Then the 11kv xlpe cable suppliers will provide the related 11kv xlpe cable price list for you.Email:

purchase low price 1C x 185mm cu 11kv xlpe cable from supplier Single Core 11KV XLPE Cable for Sale

Cross-sectional Areas: 95mm, 185mm, 240mm, 300mm, 400mm, 630mm

Conductor Screen: Extruded Semi-Conductive Compound

Insulation: XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)

Insulation Screen:Semi-conductive XLPE

Filler: PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) fibres Separator

Armour:AWA (Aluminum Wire Armoured)

Sheath: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Huadong is one of professional 11kv mv power cable manufacturers in China. So, we have all kinds of 11kv electrical cable for sale. Thus you can choose 11kv 95mm aluminium triplex cable, 11 kv 240mm cable, 500mm xlpe 11kv cable or other 11kv cable size. Because these 11kv power cable have different size, their price may be not the same. If you want to get the best 11kv 70mm copper cable price, please leave your message. So that we can send the quotation and details.Email:

cost of 3 core 95mm 120mm 240mm 300mm 11kv xlpe armoured cable 3 Core 11KV XLPE Cable Price List

Voltage Rating: 6.35/11 (12)kV

Conductor: Copper or Aluminum

Cores: 3 core

Conductor Screen:Extruded Semi-Conductive Compound

Insulation: XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)

Armour:SWA (Steel Wire Armoured)/STA(Steel Tape Armoured)

Sheath: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Choose professional 11kv cable manufacturers

If you search xlpe 11kv aluminium cable, you can find lots of suppliers. What’s more, these 11kv aluminium cable suppliers are around the world. For example, you can choose 11 kv cable supplier in west Malaysia, and select the manufacturer of 11kv cable in South Africa. What’s more, you can also contact the 11kv cable suppliers in uae. And most of the supplier can provide other cables, like 16mm 4 core armoured cable, 5 core swa cable and so on. However, the 11kv cable dealers uae maybe not the manufacturer. That means you can not ensure cable ny 11kv quality. On the one hand, you’d better select a direct 11kv cable manufacturer not just a dealer. So that they can promise the quality of 11kv medium voltage cables. What’s more, if there are have something trouble on xlpe cable for 11kv, they can provide after-sales service.Email:

price for 11kv xlpe pvc ata single core cable per meter 1C x 300 SQ MM 11KV Cable for Sale

Voltage Rating: 11kv

Nominal Cross-sectional Areas: 300 mm

Conductor: Copper or Aluminum

Conductor Screen: Extruded Semi-Conductive Compound

Insulation: XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)

Insulation Screen:Semi-conductive XLPE

Armour:ATA (Aluminum Tape Armoured)

Sheath: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

In addition, you also need to consider the package, delivery time, transportation and so on. Will these 11kv cross linked polyethylene insulated power cable be delivered on time? Is the transportation of 11kv underground cable safe? If you choose us, you don’t need to worry about these issues. Because Huadong is one of leading 11kv cable suppliers in China. We promise that our company can deliver the 11kv screen cable to you on time. So if you need this 11kv 30mm cable, please contact us. And our sales manager will send 11kv cable price list to you.

Compare the price of 11kv cable

As a matter of fact, 11kv cable prices in different countries and areas are not the same. For example, the 11kv cable price in Qatar maybe much more expensive than xlpe 11kv cable price in Malaysia. There are many factors may influence 11kv xlpe pvc cable costs. Such as : raw material prices, human resources, equipment and so on. If you are looking for 11kv electric cables in South Africa, you can get different quotation from the suppliers.Email:

get 630sqmm cable 11kv price from China supplier

However, if you` are not satisfied with the price, you can contact the manufacturers in Namibia of xlpe 11kv cables. Or you can choose 11kv cable suppliers from UK. You can compare they provide the price for 11kv cable. In addition, learning about the 11kv xlpe cable price list can help you to get a much more reasonable price. What’s more, if you need lots of mv power cable 11kv, you can ask for a discount. Generally speaking, the 300sq mm 11kv cable cost per metre from factory is the cheapest. Because there is no third party to make a difference. Before you placing your order, you can compare the 11 kv aluminum cable price list from different companies.

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